Biomedical Word-search – Embryonal Development and Animal Models

Hello! This week we have some more ”knep & knåp” for you, in the form of another word-search. With the last word-search sporting words of logopedian descent, it seems fitting that this search should be for some hand picked words by a biomedicine master student Julia! Time to knep & knåp!

Today you are looking for 7 words that have something to do with embryology or animal models.

The words can cross each other, they can stand horizontally, vertically, diagonally, upside down, downside up, back to front and front to back. Keep scrolling down for clues and scroll to the very bottom for the answer!

Look for 7 words!

Clues! Here are the 7 words to eagerly search for.

  1. Estrus
  2. Blastocyst
  3. Epididymis
  4. Analgesia
  5. Agouti
  6. Inbred
  7. Somites

Here are the answers! I know you got them all 🙂

Stay kneping! And keep on knåping! Til’ next time.


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